Summer Exchange Student
In UCLA, we divided into two groups of three and each group has its own topic. The topic of our reports: one is “Obstacle Detection - Prototype Unmanned Vehicle” for the other is “Data-Mining with Weibo Tweets”.

Kary O, Herman Lam, Ian Ng, Coco Chen, Douglas Li, Felix Wong

A few days later, we had lunch together with Prof. Giovanni Pau and Prof. Mario Gerla in Faculty Center at noon.

Ian Ng, Felix Wong, Tim Xiao, Mario Gerla, Giovanni Pau, Rita Tse, Coco Chen, Douglas Li, Kary O

Then we were very privileged to have Leonard Kleinrock with us in the lab which arrange the first router in the world.

Ian Ng, Tim Xiao, Kary O, Douglas Li, Coco Chen, Mario Gerla, Giovanni Pau, Herman Lam, Felix Wong, Leonard Kleinrock

At the third last day, we had lunch together with Prof. James Tong in The Palace Seafood & Dim Sum at noon.

Kary O, Ian Ng, Herman Lam, James Tong, Coco Chen, Douglas Li, Felix Wong, Rita Tse